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That is a creative community for identifying and developing talents

Do you envy persons who are on the top of TikTok and Likee?

Become more popular than celebrities!
Light up your own star!
Show yourself to the world!
Realize your own ideas and get hundreds of thousands of likes!
Have fun and get inspiration with new ideas!
Bring old friends and make new ones!
Learn useful skills without boredom and cramming!
Earn with your own mind and creativity without leaving your home!
What is KidDid?
It's a new social network for kids and teenagers from 4 to 16
Are you being told that you are "too noisy and energetic"? That you get "foolish ideas" all the time? Do you feel that you are not like everyone else? Then all of this is perfect for KidDid! That is a place where you will be understood and appreciated without any doubts!
That is a place where you can be yourself
Your ideas are respected here and nobody reads morals and gives ratings to you. Moreover, there are people who is always ready to help, support and give you a wholesome piece of advice.
That is a place where everybody is equal to each other
There is no place for bullying and hating at all. You and only you will make a decision about whom you will communicate with and whom you will send to the ban with one click only.
That is a place where everyone feels safe
Join the fun: take and share cool videos, get your own inspiration by the work of others, learn how to earn money by using your own talent and manage it wisely!
That is a place where you never get bored
KidDid: is fun, interactive and easy to use!
What you can find in the KidDid mobile app:
Simple and easy tools to create videos
New filters and awesome video effects
Creative contests and marathons
online broadcasts
Streamers’ competitions
Short, non-dull and very useful videos lessons
Fair auctions where you can sell your own works and buy those ones you liked very much
Great challenges and contests in which you will able to not only get likes but also earn money!
in real serials
Unique offline space of the KidDid House for creativity, communication and recording cool videos
YouTube channel - KidDid TV
Do what you really like to do!
9 directions for development and talents realization:
Why do you have to hit your head against the wall in competition with 22, 7 million users when you can be among the first on KidDid right now?
Easy start or the reason is why KidDid is cooler than TikTok and Likee:
"In the right place at the right time" - is the most important thing for a successful start
Don't look back at others - just catch your own wave!
What do you need to get to the top of KidDid easily?
Do you want to get a head start at the beginning of your way here, don't you? The easiest and most reasonable way to do that is right now, before the official launch of the platform, by taking any of the courses at a SPECIAL PRICE. Be the first to learn and fly into the Top.
We really need KidDid!
Everything is fair here!
You can't buy recognition on KidDid, but you can deserve it.
1000 ❤ per talent
5 000 ❤ per talent
50 000 ❤ per talent
10 000 ❤ per talent
Just show them that block
How should you assure your parents that you need KidDid?
Why is KidDid safer than TikTok, Likee and other social networks?
KidDid is an inspiring mobile app for kids and teens and it's a completely safe and friendly Internet space for discovering talents, creativity, studying and communication.
Five principles of KidDid security:
All videos are moderated properly.
No need to worry about your kid can find adult or inappropriate content.
No need to worry about what your kid can spend money on
All actions related to purchases and withdrawal of funds are under strict parental control.
No need to worry about your child's private infromation as: phone number, address, mail or documents can leak into the network
The KidDid mobile app is fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Regulation ("COPPA").
No need to worry about your kid can be involved in obscene or dangerous challenges
The AI of KidDid platform doesn't allow to those videos to be broadcasted. Moreover, if your kid took them, that content will be sent to you immediately to let you know about the case and allow you to take action in time.
No need to worry about a kid's video can case a wave of negativity or online bullying
Healthy criticism expressed in a friendly and humorous manner is essential for development. But it shouldn't hurt the child's psyche as well. That's why a specially trained KidDid bot will carefully filter all reviews, changing inappropriate expressions to harmless synonyms and simply deleting them in some cases. We will ruthlessly kick the evil trolls out of the community.
Allow your kid to:
Reveal talent
Create communities
Find a hobby

Acquire useful skills of modern life in a playful, easy and funny way
Learn how to earn pocket money and - what's the most important - to use money correctly and responsibly
Competitions for children and teenagers are a great opportunity to share your talents and creative works with the whole world. KidDid provides a platform for talented kids, where one can show and improve one’s creativity, skills and get rewards for that! You are given a unique opportunity to communicate, compete, share experience and knowledge with your peers from all over the world.
The winners of the contests will get cash prizes and opportunity to exhibit their works on well-known online platforms with the ability to sell and promote their works in digital form (NFT). Contests broadcast on our YouTube channel KidDid TV.
To participate in any of the contests of the creative portal “KidDid Art” you need just fill out the online application form, download your work and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Any teacher representing their kindergarten or schools as well as parents together with their kids can apply for participation in competitions.
Study and develop, create and bring your wildest ideas to life together with KidDid Art creative portal development school!
KidDid: we light up new stars!
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